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The Firm Has Extensive Experience Handling Cases for Those Who Have Suffered Personal Injuries as a Result of Using a Defective Product in New Jersey

New Jersey Product Liability LawyersEvery day, we use commercially manufactured products for routine every-day tasks. But virtually all products, whether a power tool, household appliance, automobile, or drug, can cause serious physical harm if a manufacturer designs or assembles the product improperly; or fails to provide adequate warnings and instructions. In New Jersey, these are known as defective products.

The New Jersey product-liability attorneys at McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. have extensive experience in handling New Jersey product-liability cases for those who have suffered personal injuries as a result of using a defective product.

New Jersey Product Liability Act

The New Jersey’s Product Liability Act provides the exclusive remedy for people who have been harmed from use of a product.

The Act defines the type of “harm” caused by a defective product to include the following:

(a) physical damage to property, other than to the product itself;
(b) personal physical illness, injury, or death;
(c) pain and suffering, mental anguish, or emotional harm; and
(d) loss of consortium or services; or other loss deriving from any type of harm listed above.

Product Liability Causes of Action under New Jersey’s Product Liability Act

In a New Jersey product-liability case, a manufacturer or seller of a product will be held liable if the claimant proves that the product causing the harm was not reasonably fit, suitable, or safe for its intended purpose because it was:

(a) designed in a defective manner;
(b) manufactured in a manner that deviated from the design specifications; or
(c) placed in the market without adequate warnings or instructions.

Prevailing in a product-liability case against a manufacturer or seller requires the use of qualified experts and New Jersey lawyers with extensive experience in New Jersey product-liability law.

The New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers – You Need!

Talk To A LawyerAt McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C., our New Jersey product-liability lawyers will use their decades of experience in products-liability law to work with highly qualified engineers and human-factors experts to determine whether you have a claim under strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty, or the UTPCPL.

If you have personal injuries that were caused by what you suspect to be a defective product contact us. Free Consultation – Call the law firm at 856-380-3999 or contact us by email to see how we can help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

The trial for both of us was a difficult process, being highly emotional in regards to the severe injuries Tina sustained at the hands of another human being. We are however comforted knowing that you are there for us during this process.
I can see settling the case, but I could never see settling the case for the amount of money that you ended up getting. You are terrific lawyer, and a great guy.
My entire family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. No amount of money will ever bring my son back, but you certainly gave us back the dignity and respect of his memory. I would recommend your representation to anyone who needs it and I will.