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The law firm of McLaughlin & Lauricella P.C. specializes in medical malpractice, sexual abuse, hazing abuse, personal injury and accident law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with primary law offices in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Board-certified trial attorneys and the firm's co-founders, Slade H. McLaughlin and Paul A. Lauricella are nationally recognized as lawyers that win big cases and jury verdicts.Please read more about Slade McLaughlin.Please read more about Paul Lauricella.

Driver Insurance Rates Rise Due to Use of Smart Phones

Automobile accidents in the United States continue to rise, with auto insurance rates rising proportionately. Many believe the uptick in auto accidents can be traced to a single issue—the use of smartphones among drivers. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance released a new study which found that more than a third of all drivers admitted to texting [...]

When Surgeons Operate on the Wrong Body Part | Surgical Checklist

What happens when a doctor performs the wrong surgery? Or removes the wrong organ? Or operates on the wrong patient? While this may seem like the stuff of science fiction or movies, sadly that is not the case. Serious and often life-threatening surgical errors often occur in operating rooms across the country. In fact, statistics show [...]

Insurance Company Refuses to Pay | Insurance Claim Denied

One of the most common complaints consumers have regarding their insurance providers is that, even though they have faithfully paid their bills for months or years, when the chips are down, the insurance company gives them the runaround for months on end and then denies their claim. Such behavior on the part of an insurance company [...]

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Driver Error

The underlying cause of most motorcycle and automobile accidents is driver error. Driver error can encompass a variety of different things; however, perhaps the most common factor is driver distraction. Drivers are distracted for a myriad of reasons - they may be eating while driving, talking on their cell phones, texting while driving, fiddling with the [...]

Bucks County Sexual Abuse School Cover-Up – Pennsylvania Grand Jury Details

A Bucks County Grand Jury Just Found That the Solebury School Outside New Hope Had Been Covering up Sexual Relationships Between Faculty and Students for More Than Half a Century. Bucks County District Attorney, Matt Weintraub, said that, although Solebury is a “progressive” school, this was “child predation under the guise of progressive education.” Weintraub went [...]

Infections & Sepsis : Delays in Antibiotics & Medical Malpractice

Shockingly, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 25 patients will acquire an infection while in the hospital. These infections can be life-threatening, especially if not identified and treated quickly. The elderly, small children, and immuno-compromised patients are especially vulnerable to infections that can quickly get into the bloodstream and cause fatal sepsis. Untreated [...]

Pennsylvania Auto Crash Stats – Youthful / Young Drivers

Recently, the Department of Transportation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania noted a concern towards drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 21, due to the fact they have the least amount of experience and are “prone to overzealous driving performance.” Unfortunately, car crashes are the primary cause of fatalities among drivers and their passengers [...]

Roadway Accidents – How Dangerous is Pennsylvania for Pedestrians?

Pennsylvania Auto Accidents Involving Pedestrians Just How Dangerous are Pennsylvania Roadways for Pedestrians? A new report called Dangerous by Design 2016 examined all major metropolitan areas in the United States to determine which ones were the most dangerous for pedestrians. It also examined the racial, societal, and economic factors that put people at most risk for [...]

Elderly Witnesses Can Create Delicate Situations at Trial

Having an elderly witness break into tears during cross-examination has the potential to infuriate juries, or humanize otherwise unsympathetic witnesses, and, according to several trial lawyers, attorneys handling those witnesses should use caution. During the Salvation Army building collapse trial last week, the 91-year-old building owner whose property toppled onto the Center City Salvation Army facility, [...]

Automobile / Motor Vehicle Accidents on the Rise in Pennsylvania

The first six months of 2015 saw a 7 percent increase in motor vehicle fatalities in Pennsylvania, with an estimated 552 people losing their lives. Nationwide, there was a 14 percent increase in motor vehicle deaths, with 36 states reporting increases in the first six months of 2015 as compared to the same time period in [...]


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