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Paul Lauricella

About Paul Lauricella

At a time when many lawyers brag about their “results” (usually a euphemism for “settlements” secured by attorneys who have never actually tried a case), Paul takes pride in the medical malpractice and personal injury cases he has personally tried to a jury verdict. Please read more about Paul Lauricella.

Do You Know Your Med Mal Lawyer?

Ask Yourself: Do You REALLY Know Who Your Med Mal Lawyer Is Representing Your Case? Be Careful if You Use the Internet to Select the Attorney Who Will Represent You in Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. People are using the internet to find lawyers (if you are reading this, that's exactly what you are probably doing), and [...]

CNN Interview of Paul Lauricella on Appeal Court’s Reversal of Philadelphia Priest Conviction

Philadelphia priest to be released from prison after appeals court reversal Reprint Credits By Steve Almasy, CNN updated 8:35 AM EST, Fri December 27, 2013 Monsignor William Lynn's attorney will appear on New Day during the 7 a.m. hour Friday. (CNN) -- The first Roman Catholic priest in the United States imprisoned for covering up the [...]

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Paul Lauricella Interview – Pennsylvania Court Reverses Monsignor Lynn’s Conviction

"It really does not exonerate Monsignor Lynn, at all. The court is not saying that he didn’t do these acts. The court is not saying that what he did was right or wrong. All the court is saying is the statute is so narrowly defined that it does not encompass the acts that are alleged to [...]

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Slade McLaughlin and Paul Lauricella Secure Largest Verdict in Lehigh County History

Verdicts for plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases are rare in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. However, on December 23, a Lehigh County jury found a Lehigh County obstetrician responsible for brain injuries sustained by a little boy in the moments before his birth. A Lehigh County jury on awarded $55 million to a former Lehigh Valley family that [...]

How Do the Criminal Convictions Affect Civil Cases?

By Paul Lauricella - Partner to McLaughlin & Lauricella, the nationally recognized Philadelphia law firm specializing in defending the victims of personal injury, sexual abuse and medical malpractice. We are Often Asked; "Do the Criminal Convictions Affect Civil Cases That May Follow?" The cases of Monsignor William Lynn and Jerry Sandusky being examples in the Pennsylvania [...]

Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawsuit – What You May Expect

What You May Expect - If You Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer, There May Be Medical Malpractice Implications If the signs of cancer were present earlier, and if your physician failed to act upon those signs, you may have a claim for medical malpractice failure to diagnose lawsuit. For instance, if you tell your doctor that [...]

Birth Injuries Demand Lifetime Care

We all enjoy the cameras, the balloons, and the joy that comes with a new baby, but childbirth is actually a potentially dangerous event.  While the vast majority of pregnancies end without complication, a significant number are associated with potentially life-threatening and life-altering peril. Conditions such as placental abruption and preeclampsia can pose serious risks to [...]

What You Need To Know About “Failure to Diagnose Cancer” Medical Malpractice

When a physician fails to properly diagnose cancer, the results can be catastrophic.  Just as an early diagnosis of cancer carries with it an increase in a patient's chances of survival, a late diagnosis can carry with it a decreased chance of survival. Not every failure to diagnose cancer, however, translates into a bad outcome.  For [...]

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