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At a time when many lawyers brag about their “results” (usually a euphemism for “settlements” secured by attorneys who have never actually tried a case), Paul takes pride in the medical malpractice and personal injury cases he has personally tried to a jury verdict.Please read more about Paul Lauricella.

Social Media: Be Careful What You Post | Lawsuits & Disclosure

Group of People with Social Media Concept By Paul Lauricella - You've heard the stories about job applicants who are required to divulge their Facebook passwords to prospective employers.  But did you know that your Facebook posts may be fair game if you bring a medical malpractice or personal injury lawsuit? A number of [...]

“Cases We’ve Won” at the Beasley Firm

Paul Lauricella and Slade McLaughlin spent a combined 41 years at the Beasley Firm, and are proud of their contribution to that firm.  However, the Beasley Firm's website contains a section titled "cases we've won" that omits a lot of significant information.  I am writing this blog to simply set the record straight. By Paul Lauricella [...]

Altered Medical Records Again

Read Part 1 - Altered Medical Records If you believe that a doctor or hospital has committed medical malpractice or hospital malpractice, the first thing you will need to do is obtain a copy of your medical record. Many clients worry that any delay in securing copies of their medical records will provide their doctors or [...]

Is It Hospital Malpractice? It Depends.

Medical Malpractice Happens Everywhere. Sometimes, medical malpractice occurs in the privacy of your doctor's office. In such a case, the doctor who commits medical malpractice is legally responsible for any injuries caused by his/her misconduct.  The doctor's group or practice might also be responsible under a legal theory known as respondeat superior, a long-held rule that [...]

Be Careful When You Go To Other Websites

Slade and I spent a combined 41 years of our careers at the Beasley Firm.  There, we worked alongside legendary trial attorney Jim Beasley until he passed away in 2004. We have great affection for Jim Beasley Sr. and regard him as a great mentor. By Paul Lauricella It turns out that the folks currently running [...]

Jim Beasley (1926-2004)

Seven years ago this week, Jim Beasley passed away.  Jim was a legal trailblazer (posthumously revered in Ralph Cipriano's compelling biography as a “Courtroom Cowboy”) whose impact on the Philadelphia legal community is still felt almost ten years after his death. By Paul Lauricella Jim Beasley was an unassuming man who lived and breathed the law.  Those of [...]

Tort Reform: “Loser Pays” Makes You A Loser

Commentary & Opinion on Tort Reform by Paul Lauricella Did you watch the Republican candidates debate healthcare reform?  If you listened to the candidates, you'd think that medical malpractice lawsuits are the biggest contributor to the cost of health care.  Tort reform, they tell you, will solve the problem of health care.  This kind of thinking [...]

Medical Malpractice Pre-Trial Discovery – This Is Not Television

With rare exceptions, Hollywood never manages to accurately depict the practice of law.  Beyond the fact that real lawyers are not as attractive as their television counterparts, real litigation is very different than that which you see on television or in the movies. In movies, the courtroom is a place where surprise witnesses and witness-stand confessions [...]