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The Following are Just a Sample of Testimonials and Expressed Words of Appreciation.

ML Law Testimonials

Slade McLaughlin and Paul Lauricella are experienced medical malpractice / misdiagnosis and personal injury trial attorneys, whose combined legal careers span over 75 years.

As founding partners of the Philadelphia law firm of McLaughlin and Lauricella, PC, Slade and Paul exemplify perseverance in tackling challenging cases for the betterment of their clients.

One of the finest litigators in the country. Highly recommend Slade McLaughlin. He is a tenacious advocate for his clients showing extreme compassion which we rarely find today!

Morrill P

Slade McLaughlin is incomparable to any other lawyer. Aand he delivers results! Choosing Slade McLaughlin to handle my case was the best thing I ever did. I’d give 100/5 stars if I could.

Steph Stephanie

The Best of the Best. The Only firm to use.

Andy Mac

I was struck by a vehicle a couple years ago and I suffered severe traumatic injury. The people working at the firm were very polite and sympathetic and showed genuine concern. I could not be happier about the outcome. I would recommend the law firm to anyone and everyone who has a question about where to go for help.

Penny Kirk

So happy with this firm. They kept my husband and I up to date on every step of the process and details. Returned phone calls within 24 hrs. Made us feel like family rather than clients. Would recommend this law firm to everyone.

Penny Wilson

Bustleton Family Medicine

University of Pennsylvania Health System Clinical Care Associates

On behalf of Tina, our family, and myself we would like to thank you for the superb effort in regards to our recent trial. The huge amount of preparation, indepth knowledge, and overall wisdom you exhibited was quite obvious to us all during the two week trial. The professional manner with which you conducted yourself, and the depth of your ability to relate to the members of the jury was highly evident in helping to bring about the 3.025 million-dollar verdict. You truly are a highly talented, dedicated attorney whom all your clients should be proud to have represent them.

The trial for both of us was a difficult process, being highly emotional in regards to the severe injuries Tina sustained at the hands of another human being. We are however comforted knowing that you are there for us during this process.

Tina and Larry Hahn

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA

West Palm Beach – Tallahassee

I want to thank you so much for sending the Wine Country basket. It was beautiful and contained a number of delicious goodies. I want you to know that it was enjoyed by everyone on my floor of the firm and was put to good use.

I also want to compliment you again on just a superb job of lawyering in the Lieberman case. I can see settling the case, but I could never see settling the case for the amount of money that you ended up getting. You are terrific lawyer, and a great guy.

F. Gregory Barnhart

William & Deborah Hamilton

New Jersey

I wanted to take a few moments to express my feelings and gratitude over your handling of my son’s case. I remember distinctly the first meeting I had with you, Mr. Beasley and Marty Sobel. The thought of a lawsuit never really entered my mind in those troubling times. After having talked this matter over with Kevin and my family, I really thought that one way or the other this could bring some type of closure over our sense of loss. The financial settlement will certainly help me make life easier for Billy’s mother, brother and sister. He would have wanted that.

Having sons of your own, I know by listening to you how much you care and love them and want to protect them from the mistakes that life can bring. I can tell you that going through this with your guidance and compassion made it much easier for me to endure the entire process. Your professionalism and strength were evident throughout the entire case. But more to the point, Slade, you gave me dignity and allowed me to express my feelings. You demonstrated to everyone involved that Billy had a bright future and was not some drunken loser. I know lawsuits are about financial settlement, but different people are in it for different reasons. You recognized what my efforts were about from the beginning. I could not have picked a better person to represent my feelings and you certainly made sure everyone of the defendants and their lawyers understood that. My entire family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. No amount of money will ever bring my son back, but you certainly gave us back the dignity and respect of his memory. I would recommend your representation to anyone who needs it and I will. If you ever need help from a Teamster, please do not hesitate to call me.

I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Please give a special thanks to your assistant, Cheryl Adams, she handled everything with class and feeling.

Marguerite Lavino


This note is long overdue. Life has a way of interrupting good intentions. Please know how appreciative I am of all the time and effort you invested in my legal cases against Best and Kranzco. You are the consummate professional, and your expertise served me well. I doubt any other attorney would have achieved the positive results you obtained on my behalf. I am very fortunate to have had you on my side.

I am especially grateful to you for the unwavering kindness, support, and infinite patience you demonstrated throughout this process. It was a difficult time for me, and you handled my occasional misgivings and feistiness with finesse. Thank you.

If I can ever be of help to you, and/or if I may serve as a reference, please do not hesitate to call upon me. I wish you continuing success in both your personal and professional life.

John A. & Dorothy Lehnen – Written to The Beasley Firm


It has been five (5) years since we were introduced to your firm by attorney KIM GRESKO who is our neighbor. In 1997 our grand daughter MACI BURR was born at Abington Hospital. The birth was catastrophic and resulted in MACI being delivered dead. She was revived but is disabled. Your firm reviewed the matter and offered us help.

Leading your team on our behalf was SLADE McLAUGHLIN. Some of that team included CHERYL, LARRY & MARK. Throughout this case he has been an absolute asset. He never ducked our questions or concern and was up front and honest in everything. He seemed to never sleep answering our calls or emails day & night any day of the week. As we neared the trial date he interrupted his weekends to accommodate our family schedule. When he saw problems in our case he reviewed it with us and together we worked through it. Even when the insurance company covering the defendants went bankrupt he saw a light at the end of the tunnel for us.

When the time came for trial, SLADE led the charge and worked at a settlement while being more than ready to try the case in front of the jury. During the opening statements it was evident to all that he was thoroughly prepared and had a full understanding of the case which the jury and defense saw. The defense attorneys’ opening, seemed like they were disjointed, bumbling idiots, who used SLADE’s prepared props in their own opening instead of their own.

Even after being offered our unspoken minimum settlement amount, SLADE held off knowing instinctively there had to be more dollars around. This resulted in just that and an agreement was reached which will see to it that MACI will have a good comfortable life.

The words to describe how grateful we are, don’t truly express it. His hard work, expertise and diligence have seen to it that a disabled 5- year-old girl wi11 have a comfortable long life.

Frances G. Martin, Ph.D. – Written to The Beasley Firm


It was approximately four years ago that I contacted you at the recommendation of my colleague, Dr. June Greenspan. At that time, I was concerned that my late husband, Ken Martin, had died as the result of a medical error. You had me send you his medical records, and then passed them on to Mr. McLaughlin. On January 15, 2004, Mr. McLaughlin informed me that a settlement had been reached in my case in the amount of $5 million.

I am writing to express my deep gratitude and appreciation of Mr. McLaughlin’s work This was my first (and hopefully only) experience with litigation, and Mr. McLaughlin impressed me from our first meeting with his intelligence, his understanding of my situation, his compassion and his commitment to help. His efforts have seemed tireless on my behalf, though I am well aware that this was only one of numerous cases he has been working on over the last three years. He always made me feel as though my needs and concerns were a priority. His work has been not only thorough, but also extremely effective. There is little doubt that an attorney with less skill and experience could not have achieved such an excellent result.

I want to thank you for introducing me to Mr, McLaughlin. Because of him, my family and I have a feeling of hope for the future, and, though it feels a bit odd, the sense that our tragic loss was not totally in vein. We are truly and deeply grateful.

Re: McGonigle v McCairns – Written to The Beasley Firm


I assume that by now Slade has told you about the successful trial outcome. I want to thank you for re-assigning the case to Slade; you were certainly right in knowing that we would mesh immediately.

First, I want to say that I stand in awe of his trial preparation. Slade had examined, evaluated, and memorized down to the most intricate detail virtually everything which may have had the slightest bearing upon the case a gargantuan effort. He was no less prepared for this case than were he had been defending a person on a capital murder charge.

Slade’s preparation for the trial, would, almost shy–were it not for the ineptness of the defense–in comparison to his performance during the trial itself. He was forced to pull many of his punches so as not to be perceived as a bully, which is not to imply that he was not, at all times, ‘swords ablazing’. I look forward to the day when I get to see him in action with someone who approaches his own weight class. Super heavy weight?

One of the trial moments that will forever remain etched in my mind was when, during opening arguments, Slade asserted that one of the surgeon’s operative reports was “fraudulent”. The jury collectively gasped. Caught totally off guard and almost apoplectic, defense counsel squeaked an objection. Instantaneously the Judge asked, “Grounds?” Defense counsel stuttered some nonsense. In those short moments, Slade’s entire demeanor had changed; he was standing there with a choirboy look on his face wearing body language which read, “What did I say wrong?” Objection, of course, quickly denied. It was masterful; less than fifteen minutes into trial and in fewer than ten seconds, Slade had set the stage for the numerous times that he would have the jury actually laughing at the defense. It was priceless.

Throughout the trial when Slade was at the lectern, the jury sat on the fronts of their seats rapt so as not to, miss one of his words. Conversely, having heard defense counsel’s continual boring, frivolous, and denied objections, by the time the defense began to present its case, the jury would, almost reflexively, fall asleep whenever Mr. Forster began speaking. The jury quickly woke up when Slade cross-examined Dr. Jon Morris. Slade had this defense ‘expert’ tripping over his lies so pathetically that those Jurors of even the most limited intelligence were clearly recognizing the falsehoods. And they were laughing aloud at Morris unabashedly. It was during this interchange that it became apparent who the true surgeon in the courtroom was.

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