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Hazing Abuse

Hazing is illegal in Pennsylvania. From name calling to kidnapping and physical abuse, it’s illegal and punishable by law.

Unfortunately, hazing rituals sometimes continue until someone is badly hurt. Often, hazing goes unreported by victims for fear of retribution or retaliation and it is not uncommon for group hazing to lead to accidental or wrongful death.

Penn State and West Chester University Fraternities Suspended

Fraternities, as well as sororities and other social organizations on college campuses, were created and developed to encourage strong social relationships among members and to provide various benefits conducive to one's life as a college student. However, in recent months, stories have surfaced alleging that local fraternities have engaged in questionable conduct, especially inappropriate conduct towards [...]

Penn State Fraternity Closed Following Allegations Of Hazing & Underage Drinking

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, the fraternity of Pi Kappa Phi at the Pennsylvania State University was shut down following allegations of hazing and underage drinking despite the fact that the fraternity was already on probation. This marks the second fraternity at Penn State to be closed due to a pattern of questionable conduct by its [...]

Ohio State University Marching Band Hazing Abuse

After a two month internal investigation, the Ohio State University has fired its Band Director, Jon Waters, for permitting and encouraging hazing abuse. The Office of University Compliance and Integrity found that "the marching band's culture facilitated acts of sexual harassment, creating a hostile environment for students" and that "Jonathan Waters, the Marching Band's Director, knew, [...]

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Franklin & Marshall Hazing Inquiry Involves Lacrosse Program

By ZACH BERMAN Published: July 6, 2012 Article Reprint Source: On the morning of April 12, the women’s lacrosse players at Franklin & Marshall learned that their team was the subject of a college investigation. Five days later, the coach was fired and the team’s juniors and all but one of its seniors were suspended [...]

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Hazing Lawsuits: Bringing Light to College’s Dark Underbelly

In 1978 National Lampoon's released perhaps one of the most iconic college movies ever made, Animal House, which featured the tagline: We can do anything we want. We're college students! As funny as the film may be, its tagline isn't exactly accurate. While college certainly opens the door to opportunity, it does not give students free [...]

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