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Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. Naturally, every pregnant woman wants her pregnancy and baby’s birth to go smoothly, but sometimes this does not happen. Every year, millions of babies are born with birth defects that could have been prevented. Serious issues like brain damage and mental retardation have been caused by the negligence of doctors. Whether it is during prenatal care or the actual childbirth, if a doctor does not do his or her job correctly, it can result in life-long injuries to the child.

Pregnancy Medical Mistakes: Negligence During Prenatal Care

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In order to ensure the health of the unborn baby, a pregnant woman must visit her OB/GYN doctor regularly.

In order to ensure the health of the unborn baby, a pregnant woman must visit her OB/GYN doctor regularly.

During these appointments, the doctor conducts the tests and check-ups necessary to ensure the health of both the baby and the mother. Although a pregnant woman wants to believe her doctor will keep her and her baby safe, this does not always happen.

There are a host of added concerns that must be addressed during a pregnancy, and if the doctor misses something, it can cost the mother and the unborn child. For instance, if the mother has a concerning medical condition, it will need to be treated promptly and properly so that there are no complications during or after the birth. Gestational diabetes, for example, is a common occurrence in which a mother who has never had diabetes suddenly gets it for the duration of the pregnancy and then loses it once the baby has been born. If the mother’s high blood sugar levels are not monitored carefully, and if the disease process is not identified, there can be serious repercussions for the baby. Complications can include: delivery-related complications due to the infant’s large size; development of diabetes later in life; increased risk of newborn death and stillbirth; and low blood sugar (glucose) or illness in the newborn.

Pregnancy Medical Mistakes: Negligence During Childbirth


Due to physician negligence during childbirth, many babies have been born with cerebral palsy or serious brain damage.

A child’s birth is supposed to be a happy and joyous event. The expectant mom finally gets to meet and hold her baby and, for most women, this is a positive life-changing event. For some women, though, childbirth does not go as planned.

During childbirth, it is the doctor’s responsibility to make sure that the baby comes into the world as healthy as possible.

Monitoring of the baby’s well-being during the labor and delivery process is extremely important. Intermittent monitoring is frequently undertaken by a Doppler Sonicaid, which is a hand- held device placed against the mother’s stomach to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The fetal heartbeat must be monitored more frequently during the second stage of labor, while the mother is pushing.

Some hospitals use electronic fetal monitoring, which involves a belt placed around the mother’s stomach to secure monitors for assessing the baby’s heart rate and the strength/frequency of the mother’s contractions.

In situations where there is “fetal distress” (very high or very low fetal heart rate), internal fetal monitoring may be used. A very small electrode is attached to the baby’s scalp and records the heart rate. This type of monitoring gives extremely prompt and decisive feedback, and allows the physicians to quickly decide if an immediate caesarean section is required. If the doctors in charge of the delivery do not perform these monitoring responsibilities correctly, the lives of an entire family can be ruined.

If a doctor does not properly monitor the baby, or takes too long to perform a C-section, this careless treatment can result in lifelong physical and mental problems for the baby. Due to physician negligence during childbirth, many babies have been born with cerebral palsy or serious brain damage. Under these circumstances, you should contact an experienced birth injury attorney to evaluate your situation.

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