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Oftentimes, Commonly Encountered Illnesses and Ailments Go Undiagnosed. If You Suspect a Failure to Diagnose, You Should Consult with an Attorney Who Can Have Your Records Reviewed

failure to diagnose - misdiagnosis

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Sometimes, the failure to diagnose an ailment in a timely manner leads to nothing more significant than a delay in recovery. However, other times, a delay in diagnosis can have disastrous consequences.

For example, cancers that are misdiagnosed can grow, spread, and become more difficult to treat. Infections that are not timely diagnosed can overwhelm antibiotic or even surgical management. Other conditions, such as aneurysms, blood clots, or bleeding ulcers, can cause catastrophic injury or death if not promptly recognized and treated.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer – Pennsylvania & New Jersey

failure to diagnose

Breast cancers that are not timely diagnosed can become difficult, and sometimes impossible to treat.

The failure to timely diagnose cancer can have catastrophic consequences. When it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is the key to a favorable prognosis.

Unfortunately, cancers are often unrecognized or misdiagnosed. Breast cancers that are not timely diagnosed can become difficult, and sometimes impossible to treat. Often, such misdiagnoses are the result of a physician’s failure to conduct a proper breast exam. Other times, breast cancers are demonstrated on mammograms, but are missed by the radiologists who examined and interpreted the films. Sometimes, clinicians can appreciate and biopsy a suspicious lump or mass, only to have the specimens misinterpreted by pathologists. The resulting delay in treatment can be life-threatening or even fatal.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer that you suspect should have been detected earlier, or you suspect a medical evaluation or prognosis is misdiagnosed, you should consult with an attorney who can have your records reviewed.

Failure to Diagnose Attorneys – Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Talk To A Lawyer If you, or a loved one, suspect that you have suffered an illness that went undiagnosed by a physician, you should reach out to the best lawyers in Philadelphia who can have your records reviewed. The attorneys at McLaughlin & Lauricella’s Philadelphia office have decades of record-setting case verdicts, awards and settlements and can counsel you with respect to your options, in, and out of the courtroom.

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