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Fatalities associated with train and rail accidents have been on the increase in the past decade. In 2018 there were 841 deaths attributable to train accidents (source: national security council). More than 7,200 pedestrians have been killed by trains in the United States since 1997. (source: wiki)

Non-fatal accidents and disabiling injuries present an equally alarming picture. In 2018, railroad incidents resulted in 8,136 documented injuries. Rail use within dense urban areas paint a consistently accident-prone environment. Passenger trains and freight trains alike present risks, resulting in accidents involving death and catastophic injury. (source: Federal Rail Road Administration)

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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Train Accidents – The Northeast Corridor

The Northeast Corridor (NEC), identified as the electrical passenger rail system of the Northeast United States, is regarded as the busiest train corridor in the western hemisphere. The NEC rail system is primarily owned and utilized by Amtrak.  New Jersey, being the most densely populated State in the nation, relies on the advantages of public transportation and is essentially a gateway corridor for passenger service to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast destinations (New York, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston and all points in-between). Pennsylvania utilizes both dense passenger rail traffic through major city centers and also major freight lines associated with agriculture and commercial products.

Should you require the assistance of an attorney as a result of a train accident or involving the rail system, you should seek counsel familiar with the transportation and injury laws of the respective state(s).

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