If you have recently found yourself the victim of a motor vehicle accident that was not caused by your own fault, but by the wrongdoing of another motorist, you are entitled to compensation if you have the right auto accident personal injury lawyer to help you with your case.

When you are ready to move forward, and want to retain the best lawyers to gather the necessary evidence to win the case , you can contact the attorneys at McLaughlin and Lauricella, who will review the facts of your case free of charge. They will retain the services of a private investigator to obtain witness statements, police reports, scene and vehicle photos, and crash data/measurements. Your case will receive priority attention, and you will be kept up-to-date with regular updates on the status of the litigation. When you are in need of serious and aggressive representation against the careless motorist who has caused your injuries, go to the best auto accident lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Finding an Auto Accident Personal Injury Lawyer With the help of the right auto accident personal injury lawyers, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve while recovering from your injuries, and we will deal with the insurance companies to ensure that your bills are paid promptly.

Medical Bills | PIP

In Pennsylvania, your medical bills must first be submitted to your own insurance company through your PIP (personal injury protection) coverage, even is the accident was entirely the fault of the other driver. Once your medical bill coverage limit is exceeded, your personal health insurance company will cover the remaining bills. Wage loss benefits may also be recoverable if you purchased that coverage through your automobile insurance company.

Sometimes the other driver will have no insurance, or too little insurance, to compensate you for your injuries. In those cases, you or other members of your family may have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. We will review all available policies to determine how to maximize your available insurance coverage.

Collision Insurance

If you purchased “collision insurance,” your own insurance company will pay for the “reasonable” damage to your car, but will not reimburse your deductible. We always try to get the deductible refunded to our clients from the other driver’s insurance company. If you did not purchase collision coverage with your auto insurance policy, any damage to your vehicle must be gotten from the other driver’s insurance carrier.

We do not take ANY fee on amounts we recover for our clients from their own insurance companies for property damage, for wage loss, for medical bills, or for other first party benefits such as funeral charges, ambulance transportation costs, and nursing/rehabilitation care.

Pennsylvania Law | Full Tort & Limited Tort

Pennsylvania allows drivers to select “full tort” auto insurance coverage and “limited tort” auto insurance coverage. Full tort is a bit more expensive (anywhere from 12 to 20%) but provides greater protections to you in the event of an accident. The difference between the two coverages is that “limited tort” only allows a person injured in an automobile accident to recover for out of pocket expenses such as medical bills, lost time from work, car repair bills, and other actual monetary losses.  No pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures, or other intangible damage losses are permissible with limited tort coverage unless the injuries sustained in the accident were “serious.” Many Courts find that most “soft tissue” injuries  such as neck and back sprains and strains, fail to satisfy the “serious injury” requirement. Fractures, broken bones, whiplash, and even some head injuries have been found by Pennsylvania Courts not to meet the serious injury threshold.

Finding an Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me

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