Pennsylvania Car Crash Report: Recently, the Department of Transportation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania noted a concern towards drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 21, due to the fact they have the least amount of experience and are “prone to overzealous driving performance.”

Unfortunately, car crashes are the primary cause of fatalities among drivers and their passengers between these ages. In fact, in Pennsylvania, about 20 percent of the auto accidents in the state in 2015 were directly caused by a young adult between the ages of 16 & 21.

Pennsylvania Car Crash Stats - Youthful / Young Drivers

Consider the Following Facts About Pennsylvania’s Youthful / Young Drivers & Auto Accidents / Car Crashes:

  • Young drivers are the cause of nearly a third of all Pennsylvania car crashes in which a stationary object is struck by a vehicle;
  • Teen drivers caused about a fourth of all rear-end crashes in the state in 2015;
  • About 16 percent of those between the ages of 16 and 20 who died in an auto accident were alcohol-impaired (a number which is up about 3 percent over 2014);
  • Drunk teens are about 4.5 times as likely to die in an auto accident as those who were not driving under the influence;
  • Not only are teens more likely to be involved in an auto accident, they are also more likely to be involved in a bicycle/auto accident—teens between the ages of 15 and 19 accounted for about 15 percent of all bicycle accident injuries in 2015;
  • Nationwide, about 33 percent of teens have texted or e-mailed while driving;
  • Drivers under the age of 20 make up the largest percentage of distracted drivers;
  • A teenager who is talking on a cell phone while driving, not only doubles his or her risk of an auto accident, but also has a slowed reaction time comparable to a 70-year old driver;
  • About a third of the drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 who were killed in an auto accident had a BAC of 0.01 or higher, while 28 percent had a BAC of 0.08 or higher;
  • In 2013, about 120 out of the total of 2,524 teen auto accident deaths were motorcycle-related;
  • About ten percent of teen fatalities were the result of distracted driving;
  • Only a little more than half of high school students who were surveyed said they “always” wear a seatbelt;
  • Across the nation, 8 teenage drivers die every day in auto accidents, with the month of June having the highest number of teen auto accident fatalities;
  • More than half of teen auto crash fatalities occur on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with the majority occurring between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.;
  • About 60 percent of younger drivers who were involved in a fatal drinking and driving crash were not wearing a seat belt; and
  • About one-sixth of high school seniors admitted to driving after drinking alcohol.

Drivers Under the Age of 20 Make up the Largest Percentage of Distracted Drivers

In Pennsylvania, young people are also disproportionately represented in pedestrian accidents, with teens 19 and younger accounting for a third of all pedestrian injuries. Young drivers are much more likely to take their eyes off the road, which can cause an accident, and they are much more likely to tailgate, failing to leave enough room between their car and the vehicle in front of them in case of a sudden stop.

Life-changing Injuries or Even Death Can Occur From Auto Accidents

As the parent of a young driver, the above statistics probably make you afraid to let your teen out the door with car keys in hand. It is important that you stress how important it is to drive in a responsible manner, with their cell phones out of sight, and to refrain from any other type of distracted driving as well.  Teenage drivers tend to underestimate or fail to recognize hazardous driving conditions, and when this occurs, life-changing injuries or even death can occur.

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