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Texting and Driving

Distracted Driving? Could a Pokemon Cause Your Car Accident?

Playing games is fun. Spending time on your smartphone is fun. Doing both of those things while driving may be fun, but is NOT safe. By now, most of us understand the dangers of using our cell phones while driving. Yet, that hasn’t stopped numerous drivers from playing “Pokemon Go” while on the road. This smartphone [...]

Driver Insurance Rates Rise Due to Use of Smart Phones

Automobile accidents in the United States continue to rise, with auto insurance rates rising proportionately. Many believe the uptick in auto accidents can be traced to a single issue—the use of smartphones among drivers. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance released a new study which found that more than a third of all drivers admitted to texting [...]

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Driver Error

The underlying cause of most motorcycle and automobile accidents is driver error. Driver error can encompass a variety of different things; however, perhaps the most common factor is driver distraction. Drivers are distracted for a myriad of reasons - they may be eating while driving, talking on their cell phones, texting while driving, fiddling with the [...]

Are Hands Free Devices Really Safer?

A recent AAA study has raised concerns regarding the technology most of us have in our cars. The research examined distraction levels among those drivers using devices that implement hands free or voice command features. Documented by the study is the level of distraction among drivers using voice commands, particularly when the system muddles the commands. [...]

Pennsylvania Bill Would Toughen Penalties for Distracted Driving

The CDC reports that, in 2012, more than 421,000 people were injured and another 3,300 killed as a direct result of distracted driving. Earlier this year a Bill was introduced which would make the use of a cell phone while driving a primary offense. Currently, no violation can occur unless the driver is first convicted of [...]

Truck Accident Liability – Truck Crash Problems

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported an average of 11 truck accidents every day in 2014. The number of truck crashes has surged since 2009, resulting in an average of 4,000 deaths per year, and more than 100,000 injuries per year. Recently, a Walmart truck crashed into the limousine of Saturday Night Live Comedian, Tracy [...]