What is Personal Injury? There are many types of personal injury, but for every single one, individuals will require legal expertise.

Proper representation ensures that clients are represented in the best possible light and that all necessary steps are taken to win the case.

At the law firm of McLaughlin & Lauricella, we can sort through the case details and establish the basis of loss and fault. These two concepts are crucial to any personal injury case, as they show that a client has lost something (whether physically, mentally, monetarily, etc.) and that the loss was a direct result of the actions of the offending party.

What is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury can be a financial loss, physical injury, mental or emotional disturbance, or an illness; however, the condition must have been caused by the negligence or misconduct of another party for a lawsuit to be feasible.

For instance, if a car passenger is involved in an accident and ends up with a broken leg, they are eligible for compensation if it can be shown that the driver was responsible for breaking traffic laws and causing the accident.

Another case of a personal injury is a situation in which a doctor fails to diagnose a problem.

For example, if a patient were to show up complaining of wrist pain and the doctor didn’t order an x-ray and so failed to spot a fracture, the patient might injure themselves permanently later. When the patient is injured because of a misdiagnosis that could have easily been caught, the doctor is liable for the damages.

A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can also handle suits that involve animal bites. Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their animals and, therefore, must pay restitution for any injuries incurred during an attack.

People who have been hurt inside of business establishments can also come to our firm for assistance. It is every business’s responsibility to see to it that they provide a safe and secure environment for their patrons. Loose floor tiles, sharp objects, and rotting ceilings can all lead to illness and injury and customers that are harmed by these or other hazards have the right to seek restitution.

A wide variety of situations can fall under the spectrum of personal injury.

Anyone who thinks that he or she might be entitled to compensation can contact our firm today. A reputable attorney will be more than happy to review the information that clients provide to see if they have a viable case.

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