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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Blog

The attorneys at McLaughlin & Lauricella specialize in areas of practice associated with; medical malpractice & medical negligence, personal injury & accident law, and sexual and hazing abuse.

Our firm’s Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Blog presents articles and news-worthy issues, commentary, and helpful suggestions associated with a wide range of topics including; auto accidents, negligence, insurance, medical conditions, misdiagnosis, clergy abuse and events associated with Pennsylvania and New Jersey law and legislation.

The accolades and successes of the firm’s founders, Slade McLaughlin and Paul Lauricella are nationally recognized and validated by the big money awards, verdicts and settlements they have won on behalf of their clients.

Settlement Values – How Much Is My Case Worth?

If you are making a claim for personal injuries, you are likely wondering, "how much is my case worth?" The answer is, "it depends." Unlike people, all personal injury cases are not created equal. The Settlement Value of Your Case Is a Function of Multiple Factors: How clear is the evidence of carelessness? How badly were [...]

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Super Lawyers 2020 | We Never Stop Working

Latest Ad Featured in Super Lawyers 2020 The law firm of McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. - Offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Attorney Slade McLaughlin - Top 10 Pennsylvania and Top 100 Philadelphia Click Image to Enlarge

Coronavirus – COVID-19 – McLaughlin & Lauricella’s Statement

Here at McLaughlin & Lauricella we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation. The firm remains fully operational through our remote, online capabilities. This technology allows us to maintain our regular business hours and to provide ongoing attention to client cases with little or no disruption, including new client inquires. Many Courts have scaled back [...]

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Injuries – Sports, Recreational & Household | Spring Time Accidents

Get Yourself Ready for the Spring | Avoid Sports, Recreational & Household Injuries With Some Preparation Following a long, cold winter, it can be especially tempting to jump into spring-time activities in a wholehearted manner. Many of us may be heading outdoors to play golf, enjoy a bike ride, ski, walk, run on trails, rollerblade, or [...]

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Amusement Park Accidents in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Has More Amusement Park Rides Than Any Other State There are 9,300 registered amusement park rides in the state of Pennsylvania, including many stationary waterparks and amusement parks. Sadly, park rides cause thousands of injuries every single year. Minor injuries, such as broken bones and lacerations, often heal quickly with prompt medical treatment. However, significant [...]

New Web Site – Attorneys Join Forces on New Jersey Sex Abuse

The nationally acclaimed law firms of McLaughlin & Lauricella, PC and Stephen C. Rubino have joined forces and combined their knowledge, expertise and experience, in order to fight for the rights of New Jersey sex abuse survivors. In combining their efforts, the team launches a new web site: Experience Matters Attorneys Stephen Rubino and McLaughlin [...]

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Five New Attorneys to McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. – Announcement

The nationally recognized Law Firm of McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. proudly announces the appointment of five new attorneys to the Firm. Each attorney brings unique perspectives, skill sets, fields of expertise, and achievements to the Firm. Virginia Lowe M.D. / J.D. - Physician / Attorney. A sought-after expert in the medical and legal aspects of medical [...]

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Hidden FDA Reports Shine Light on Medical Device Harm & Failures

When a medical device fails during surgery or while being used on a patient, a detailed report is typically published in a public database. Physicians trust this database to help them identify problems that could cause harm to their patients. This database, called MAUDE (Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience), stores medical device reports that are [...]

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