Just How Protective Are Motorcycle Helmets?

For decades, motorcycle safety experts have been encouraging motorcyclists to wear helmets when riding to reduce the risk of serious injury. However, many motorcyclists believe that wearing a helmet is actually more dangerous than not wearing a helmet. Some believe that wearing a helmet can damage the spinal cord during an accident and can actually increase [...]

Warmer Weather in Pennsylvania Means More Construction Accidents

Summer is finally here in Pennsylvania, and with the warmer weather comes an increase in construction projects both in the private and public sectors. While the increase in construction projects is great for the economy and for revitalizing Pennsylvania, it can also be deadly for Pennsylvania workers. In 2015 alone, 173 workers were killed in on-the-job [...]

Insurance Company Refuses to Pay | Insurance Claim Denied

One of the most common complaints consumers have regarding their insurance providers is that, even though they have faithfully paid their bills for months or years, when the chips are down, the insurance company gives them the runaround for months on end and then denies their claim. Such behavior on the part of an insurance company [...]

Do You Know Your Med Mal Lawyer?

Ask Yourself: Do You REALLY Know Who Your Med Mal Lawyer Is Representing Your Case? Be Careful if You Use the Internet to Select the Attorney Who Will Represent You in Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. People are using the internet to find lawyers (if you are reading this, that's exactly what you are probably doing), and [...]

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Death and Injury Caused by Defective Guardrails

Trinity Industries, a Texas based rail transport company, is being subjected to tort liability for serious injuries, and highway deaths, caused by its defective guardrail end cap, the ET-Plus. The ET-Plus’ original design was safe, but there is evidence that Trinity secretly changed its design to increase its profit margins. Trinity knew that it was putting [...]

How to Deal with an Auto Accident Personal Injury

Transportation is an outstanding aspect of modern living. As usual, most modern conveniences have their pros and cons. One of the cons related to riding in an automobile is being involved in vehicular accidents. These accidents can involve cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, vans, trucks, hit-and-run, or roll-overs. A victim who experiences an auto accident personal injury [...]

SEPTA Wrongful Death – Settlement Reached in Teen’s Electrocution

The Legal Intelligencer - September 24, 2008 By Amaris Elliott-Engel A $2 million settlement has been reached in a wrongful death and survival action over the death of a 19-year-old who drank at the home of a friend before being electrocuted on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Route 100 line. The deceased's parents, Benjamin S. and [...]

Woman Wins $2.4 Million in Suit vs. Doc Who Sewed Towel into Her Abdomen

By Lori Lichtman Of the Legal Staff A Philadelphia jury awarded nearly $2.5 million yesterday to a woman who had a towel left in her abdomen by the same doctor who was ordered to pay $1.7 million last week in another case for failing to diagnose breast cancer. In February 1992, Dr. Marvin Kalafer performed a [...]


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