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failure to diagnose cancer

$8.5 Million Award in Medical Malpractice Suit Against St. Luke’s Health Network

A Germansville couple was awarded $8.5 million in damages Tuesday after a Lehigh County jury found that two St. Luke’s University Health Network doctors failed to effectively tell the husband about a potential tumor in his bladder. Article Reprint: The Morning Call Author: Binghui Huang Robert Kline visited St. Luke’s Allentown campus in 2015 because of [...]

10 Most Commonly Medical Misdiagnosed Illnesses

You would probably be very surprised to know how high your risk of a medical misdiagnosis really is. A recent study found that more than twelve million American adults may have been affected by diagnostic errors–that's one out of every twenty patients. Further, at least 50 percent of these misdiagnosis errors are potentially very harmful. Patients [...]

Breast Cancer Often Misdiagnosed in Early Stages

Even though more than a million and a half American women will undergo a breast biopsy this year, a new study shows there is a pretty steep margin of error in the procedure. In fact, in almost half the cases, the diagnosis of the pathologist was not the same as the correct diagnosis of atypical ductal [...]

Lawsuits Based on Misdiagnosis or Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,666,540 Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in 2014. Some of these cancer patients will receive an advanced diagnosis of cancer, caused by a physician's delay in diagnosis, or misdiagnosis, of cancer. An article published in the Journal of American Medical Association suggests that "cases of delayed, missed, and [...]

Jury Sides With Plaintiffs After Failed Cancer Diagnosis

A Bucks County jury has awarded $700,000 to a woman and her husband after they alleged doctors failed to timely diagnose her breast cancer and that one doctor, a gynecologist, altered her medical records to make it appear as though she had taken different steps while treating her former patient. According to Paul A. Lauricella, who [...]

What You Need To Know About “Failure to Diagnose Cancer” Medical Malpractice

When a physician fails to properly diagnose cancer, the results can be catastrophic.  Just as an early diagnosis of cancer carries with it an increase in a patient's chances of survival, a late diagnosis can carry with it a decreased chance of survival. Not every failure to diagnose cancer, however, translates into a bad outcome.  For [...]

Woman Wins $2.4 Million in Suit vs. Doc Who Sewed Towel into Her Abdomen

A Philadelphia jury awarded nearly $2.5 million yesterday to a woman who had a towel left in her abdomen by the same doctor who was ordered to pay $1.7 million last week in another case for failing to diagnose breast cancer. By Lori Lichtman Of the Legal Staff In February 1992, Dr. Marvin Kalafer performed a [...]

Proving That Earlier Diagnosis of Cancer Would Have Made a Difference

In a medical malpractice case, the plaintiff (i.e., the injured patient) is required to do more than prove that the care in question fell beneath accepted standards of care.  The patient must also establish that the malpractice was the cause of his or her injuries. Thus, a patient seeking to sue a physician for the failure [...]