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Paul Lauricella Interview – Pennsylvania Court Reverses Monsignor Lynn’s Conviction

"It really does not exonerate Monsignor Lynn, at all. The court is not saying that he didn’t do these acts. The court is not saying that what he did was right or wrong. All the court is saying is the statute is so narrowly defined that it does not encompass the acts that are alleged to [...]

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VIDEO – Slade McLaughlin Discusses Church Sex Abuse Trial

KYW-TV Eyewitness News 3 Reports Defrocked priest Edward Avery pleads guilty. Slade McLaughlin discusses his clients feelings on the verdict in the church sex abuse trial. While the victim is elated and feeling some relief, he is preparing to come back in September to take the stand. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia responds. Contact Slade McLaughlin today [...]

Philadelphia Archdiocese Faces Yet Another Priest Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Slade H. McLaughlin, Esquire A Philadelphia man has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the city’s former archbishop for sexual abuse he allegedly sustained while a minor. The plaintiff in the case is named only as “Billy Doe.” Attorneys have shielded his true identity since the alleged abuse occurred when [...]

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