auto-car-accidentTransportation is an outstanding aspect of modern living. As usual, most modern conveniences have their pros and cons. One of the cons related to riding in an automobile is being involved in vehicular accidents. These accidents can involve cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, vans, trucks, hit-and-run, or roll-overs. A victim who experiences an auto accident personal injury should be familiar with their legal rights.

Legal terms of liability for auto accidents depend upon the territory where the accidents occur. In the state of Pennsylvania, insurance coverage must be purchased and maintained on all automobiles. The individual’s needs determine the kinds of coverage purchased. However, while certain coverage may be optional, liability coverage and personal injury protection (PIP) are mandatory by law. Coverage must be purchased before a vehicle is allowed access on the road.

Liability coverage protects a driver from claims that may come against them. If they caused the accident, this coverage will compensate victims for their injuries as well as damages. PIP coverage offers compensation for the driver’s personal injuries, which may include medical bills. Sometimes, drivers adhere to the law by not fleeing the scene of an accident, or they may be guilty of hit-and-run. In any event, people sustain injuries as a result.

Injuries sustained in auto accidents can be caused by several things. Among them are occupant restraints that include seat belts, drop-offs in roadways, and seat back failure. Others are defective fuel systems, malfunctioning airbags, unsafe tires, defective breaks, and inadequate structural integrity of the vehicle. Many times, causes can only be determined following a proper investigation of the mishap. This is where expert, legal representation is important.

McLaughlin and Lauricella, P.C, are trial attorneys who understand how easy it is for victims to receive unfair treatment. Therefore, we fight for victims’ rights. For auto accident personal injury, wrongful death or damages, compensation is certain. We are experienced with the different insurance coverages and claims. Due to our experience and expertise, our knowledge enables us to reconstruct accidents, explore recovery strategies and liability claims. Therefore, we know how to obtain the best compensations for our clients.