Victims of sexual abuse need to know they are not alone, and there are trained professionals ready to assist them in getting justice, along with getting help in starting the healing process.

The law is on the side of the abused, protecting their rights while getting the wrongdoer into court to pay for their crimes.

Sexual abuse reared its ugly head again when the nation was given a front seat in the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Defensive Coordinator at Penn State who was accused of sexually abusing numerous young men over the course of years. That the crimes went unmentioned and unknown is just one of the pitfalls victims have to deal with. The fear of “telling” on someone, usually an authority figure in the child’s life, is something that can strike fear in a young mind.

Finding the Right Sexual Abuse Attorney

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is just one of a myriad of sexual abuse crimes medical malpractice and sexual abuse attorneys are trained to handle. Not only is sexual abuse a nightmare for the ones abused, but the abuse can be a tragedy, with the trauma inflicted on the individual (both physically and emotionally) and lasting for a very long time.

Identifying the signs of sexual abuse can be difficult at times. But keep this in mind.  In children, all sexual activity between an adult and a child is considered sexual abuse. It can be touching, looking or taking pictures of a sexual nature meant to arouse the abuser, or showing the child pictures, videos or movies of an explicit nature. It can be verbal too, like talking about sexual acts or telling stories of a sexual nature.

Adult Sexual Abuse

With adult sexual abuse, it can be a bit more difficult to recognize the symptoms. Women have a tendency to hide it, for fear of losing the very person abusing them. Abuse can manifest itself in rape, masochistic behavior on the part of the abuser, sexual innuendos on the job, and in other ways. Regardless of the abuse, it is important to remember that the person, child or adult, is hurting, afraid and may feel they have nowhere to turn.

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