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placental abruption

Pregnancy Complications May Be Life Threatening : Placental Abruption

Pregnancy is a wonderful and unique time for expecting families. Often, families will seek out a skilled Ob/Gyn physician to help them prepare for the delivery of a healthy baby. An Ob/Gyn doctor will monitor the baby's prenatal development through physical examinations of the mother, blood tests, prenatal ultrasounds, and fetal monitoring, in order to anticipate, [...]

Birth Injuries Demand Lifetime Care

We all enjoy the cameras, the balloons, and the joy that comes with a new baby, but childbirth is actually a potentially dangerous event.  While the vast majority of pregnancies end without complication, a significant number are associated with potentially life-threatening and life-altering peril. Conditions such as placental abruption and preeclampsia can pose serious risks to [...]