Lifelong Costs of Amputation

Nearly two million people in the United States are currently living with the loss of a limb. Vascular diseases, such as diabetes and peripheral arterial disease, are the primary causes (54%) of limb loss. However, trauma is the next most common cause of limb loss at 45%, with the remaining one percent of limb loss being [...]

Premises Liability – The Rita’s Water Ice Philadelphia Tragedy

Philadelphia and the surrounding area featured gorgeous weather conditions this past weekend–mostly sunny skies and warm summer temperatures. Many folks down the shore and in the city visited local businesses to get their fill of frozen treats. Local Tragedy Resulted in the Death of a 3 Year Old Girl Philadelphia police crime scene officers investigate [...]

$20 Million Verdict for Chester County Contractor Whose Leg Was Crushed by 10-Year-Old Boy

A Philadelphia Common Pleas jury awarded a $20 million verdict to a Chester County man whose left leg was crushed by a 10-year-old boy allowed to operate a five-ton machine at a work site. Ruick Rolland was working as a contractor at the estate of Bruce Irrgang on a project to replicate the Hogan Bridge from [...]

$16.25 Million Accord Struck for Amputee in Landfill Machinery Accident

A Northampton County Man, who lost both of his legs after he was run over by a piece of heavy equipment machinery while working in a landfill, received a $16.25 million global settlement from his employer and the manufacturer of the equipment in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Scott Skirpan, 50, was working for a landfill in [...]

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