machinery accident

Lifelong Costs of Amputation

Nearly two million people in the United States are currently living with the loss of a limb. Vascular diseases, such as diabetes and peripheral arterial disease, are the primary causes (54%) of limb loss. However, trauma is the next most common cause of limb loss at 45%, with the remaining one percent of limb loss being [...]

Plaintiff Prevails on Summary Judgment After Track Loader Injury

A Philadelphia judge has granted partial summary judgment to a man who had his leg amputated above the knee after a 10-year-old ran him over with a 5-ton track loader. According to Ruick and Holly Rolland's motion for partial summary judgment, the child's operation of the track loader in 2009 came under the discretion of his [...]

$16.25 Million Accord Struck for Amputee in Landfill Machinery Accident

A Northampton County Man, who lost both of his legs after he was run over by a piece of heavy equipment machinery while working in a landfill, received a $16.25 million global settlement from his employer and the manufacturer of the equipment in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court. Scott Skirpan, 50, was working for a landfill in [...]


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