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Pedestrian Accidents | How to Teach Your Child to Cross the Street Safely

In 2012, there were 4,743 pedestrian accident fatalities nationwide; 5 percent of those were children, age 14 and younger. More than 20% of traffic fatalities involving children aged 14 and younger were pedestrians. When you consider that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle driving 40 mph has an 85 percent chance of death, you can see [...]

Mini & Small Car Traffic Death – Highest Rates Seen in Compact Cars

While you might think there is no downside to an increasingly healthy economy, you might be wrong about that. A new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims a stronger economy can lead to an increase in deadly automobile crashes. Data was collected over a four-year period—from 2012 through 2015—with findings that smaller vehicles [...]

Driver Insurance Rates Rise Due to Use of Smart Phones

Automobile accidents in the United States continue to rise, with auto insurance rates rising proportionately. Many believe the uptick in auto accidents can be traced to a single issue—the use of smartphones among drivers. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance released a new study which found that more than a third of all drivers admitted to texting [...]

Pennsylvania Car Crash Stats – Youthful / Young Drivers

Pennsylvania Car Crash Report: Recently, the Department of Transportation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania noted a concern towards drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 21, due to the fact they have the least amount of experience and are “prone to overzealous driving performance.” Unfortunately, car crashes are the primary cause of fatalities among [...]

Roadways & Pedestrian Accidents – How Dangerous is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Auto Accidents Involving Pedestrians Just How Dangerous are Pennsylvania Roadways for Pedestrians? A new report called Dangerous by Design 2016 examined all major metropolitan areas in the United States to determine which ones were the most dangerous for pedestrians. It also examined the racial, societal, and economic factors that put people at most risk for [...]

Understanding Vestibular Dysfunction After a Car Accident

Following a motor vehicle accident, it is relatively common for a person to experience some level of dizziness. While the injury may be diagnosed as whiplash, injuries to the neck can also affect the area of the brain which is responsible for coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Any time the normal feedback from the neck area, [...]

Insurance Rates Soar After Auto Accident

If you are a generally safe, low-risk driver who is involved in an automobile accident you may be shocked to see your insurance premiums jump as much as 40 percent. In fact, across the nation, when a person has an automobile claim resulting in more than $2,000 in bodily injury, he or she can expect insurance [...]