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Penn State

Catholic Church – Penn State Similarities

The cover-up investigators detailed in their report Thursday of Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal rang familiar to anyone following the Catholic Church's pedophile priest cases. A sexual predator was protected to save an institution's reputation. Both the Penn State investigation, led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and the two grand [...]

The Daily Beast Article Reprint: Freeh Report ‘The Fallout for Penn State’

A damning report charged the college with 'total disregard' for the safety of Sandusky's victims. Diane Dimond (Daily Beast) on the legal implications - and whether the football program will take a hit. The long-awaited Freeh Report, an investigation into Penn State's handling of child abuse committed by its former employee Jerry Sandusky - funded by [...]

How Do the Criminal Convictions Affect Civil Cases?

We are Often Asked; "Do the Criminal Convictions Affect Civil Cases That May Follow?" Answered By: Paul Lauricella - Partner to McLaughlin & Lauricella, the nationally recognized Philadelphia law firm specializing in defending the victims of personal injury, sexual abuse and medical malpractice. The cases of Monsignor William Lynn and Jerry Sandusky being examples in the [...]

Penn State Abuse Scandal Likely to Spawn Lawsuits

The full story about what happened in the Penn State child-sex abuse scandal will only come out through the civil lawsuits that now appear inevitable, and the matter raises novel and challenging legal issues, according to lawyers with experience in similar litigation. STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Lawyers for people who say former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky [...]