James. E. Beasley Sr

“Cases We’ve Won” at the Beasley Firm

Paul Lauricella and Slade McLaughlin spent a combined 41 years at the Beasley Firm, and are proud of their contribution to that firm.  However, the Beasley Firm's website contains a section titled "cases we've won" that omits a lot of significant information.  I am writing this blog to simply set the record straight. By Paul Lauricella [...]

Be Careful When You Go To Other Websites

Slade and I spent a combined 41 years of our careers at the Beasley Firm.  There, we worked alongside legendary trial attorney Jim Beasley until he passed away in 2004. We have great affection for Jim Beasley Sr. and regard him as a great mentor. By Paul Lauricella It turns out that the folks currently running [...]

Jim Beasley (1926-2004)

Seven years ago this week, Jim Beasley passed away.  Jim was a legal trailblazer (posthumously revered in Ralph Cipriano's compelling biography as a “Courtroom Cowboy”) whose impact on the Philadelphia legal community is still felt almost ten years after his death. By Paul Lauricella Jim Beasley was an unassuming man who lived and breathed the law.  Those of [...]

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